Bitcoin New Contract Address: 0xcea5be202e170dc9b63a931036718c634a9babbd

Bitcoin New Token Holders Earn 50% of Net Revenue of"The Ethereum Lottery"!

Paid quarterly!

Minimum of 10k tokens held to be eligible!

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To get some Free BTN play one of the lotteries below.

"The Ethereum Lottery"

Lottery powered by smart contract & the Ethereum blockchain!

Provably fair, automatically ran by contract, visible on blockchain!

Every game lottery purchase will receive FREE tokens

200 BTN - 500 BTN

Free token promo is for a limited time only.

LOTTERY #1:Smiley face1 Ticket = 0.001 ETH --> Win 0.01 ETH + 1000 BTN

LOTTERY #2:Smiley face1 Ticket = 0.01 ETH --> Win 0.1 ETH + 1000 BTN

LOTTERY #3:Smiley face1 Ticket = 0.1 ETH --> Win 1 ETH + 10,000 BTN

You can trade Bitcoin New here:

EXCHANGE: Smiley face

EXCHANGE: Smiley face

Free Bounty Tokens

We will be offering free BTN tokens to affiliates & promoters who actively promote.

We have set aside up to 1 Million tokens to award people promoting BTN,

and bounty prizes will range from 1000 up to 20k tokens.

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