How to get cryptocurrency donations

how to get cryptocurrency donations

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Nonprofit Fundraising Ideas: How to Get Cryptocurrency Donations
BitPay enables crypto donations for nonprofit and charitable organizations, without the risk of market volatility. Accept crypto donations and get settled. You need to own crypto before you can donate it. You can buy crypto on a centralized exchange like Binance or Coinbase. Hands-on: Receiving and holding cryptocurrency in a crypto wallet controlled by the organization.
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If you have a clause in your Gift Acceptance Policy that already covers donations from other c 3 s such as Donor Advised Funds DAF , you may not need to modify anything. You could, for instance, lend out cryptocurrencies you earn on decentralized lending platform Aave and donate the interest you receive. Plus, when filing their taxes , the recipient non-profit organization classifies the donation as a non-cash gift. For example, a non-profit called charity:water is holding crypto donations it raised in until at least in a charitable bitcoin BTC trust, for instance. You must have a place to store your cryptocurrency funds.